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Check this out if you’d like a chance to win my latest album.
So, welcome to this December active challenge!! Participate to get a chance of winning a “Run High” album 

So what’s the deal? It’s easy & it’s healthy. 
Only winners.

I challenge all of you to get sweating and post your running kilometres as comments on this post during the month of December.

On the 1st of Jan 2022 I will sum up the total distance from all of the comments and will randomly pick 1 winner for every 150K that we ran together during this month of December. 
Not a runner? I will also count swimming (kilo)meters & cycling kilometers, just add “swim” or “cycling” to the comment so I know, and your distance. Those will be measured a bit differently to be added up as running Kilometres in the end.
That’s it! 

I will add all of my own runs and aquaruns, probably good for about 200-250K of running.

Enjoy & good luck

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