I am currently finishing the works on my new album called “Run High” that will come out on September 10th of 2021 at Trad Records.

Therefore I invite you to pre-order the album already, which will get me started to finance the final production of the album such as; mixing & mastering, artwork & layout, printing, video production for promotion.

The pre-order period starts on the 1st of June, and will end on the 1st of July, and all pre-orders will then be shipped in the first week of July. After that, the album will be available only from September on the official release.

All pre-order packages will get shipped in July this year.

This new album 'Run high' put's positive energy first. 

A I'm a person who enjoys to look for passion and dedication in the things that I do. One of those things is running, and I'm always looking forward to my next run.

These morning runs, and the places around my home where I run, felt like ever changing backdrops and were a big inspiration for the album. So I tried to enclose some of that positive running energy in my newest tracks. 

Screenshot 2021-05-24 at 12.28.26.png

If you'd like to support the finishing of the album by pre-ordering a copy, that would mean a lot.

Pre-sales are open from 1st of juni until 1st of July, and will be shipped in the first week of July.

After that, the album will be officially out on September the 10th.

I'm offering 2 options:

1st a BASIC pre-order where you can order the album at regular price up front.

2nd, a SUPPORT option where you pay 5 euros on top of the regular price, which give me some help for the financial investments that need to be made.

> > All pre-orders will be signed.


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